Max Warsh & Vanesa Zendejas

Max Warsh & Vanessa Zendeja

Rosewood, Austin, TX

April - May 2012

This exhibition paired the photographs and collages of New York artist Max Warsh with the sculptures of LA artist Vanesa Zendejas to investigate abstraction and built spaces. Reading architecture as a field of images, Warsh’s work erodes strategies of permanent and authoritative mark-making. Building compositions from pictures of bricks, tiles or cast ornamentation found on facades, his photos and collages utilize the repetitive visual language of mechanized processes to create optically charged images. 

Vanesa Zendejas approaches her sculptures as a study in the arrangement of objects—a piece of wood is propped against cardboard that is affixed to a sheet of brightly colored paper.  Formally constrained, and often abstract, the work examines patterning, color, and the relationship between positive and negative space. 

Exhibition review in . . . Might Be Good.