The Archways Project

May 16, 2010

The Archways Project is a one night curatorial initiative that features the apartment complex as an exhibition site. Archways, a complex in the Cherrywood neighborhood in Austin, TX, is owned by Roscoe Properties and features large, remodeled efficiency apartments with wood laminate flooring, appliances, and new fixtures and hardware. On Sunday May 16th four Archways efficiencies will be transformed into small gallery spaces displaying sculpture, performance, video, drawing, and painting from over a dozen Texas artists. 

Apartment 316: Allison Myers curates the metalwork of Rebekah Frank. The artist recently began interacting with metals in a fine art context after working for eight years  as a professional blacksmith. Engaging with historically gendered materials and processes, she creates forms that derive from idealized feminine behaviors?. In this body of work she concentrates on structures that constrain the body, uniting her interest in gender with her research into medieval torture devices, neuroaesthetics and psychology.

Apartment 202: Katie Anania invites Kristina Felix an Jeff Stanley to create a performance in her apartment. With the aid of images and discourse, Felix and Stanley's joint PowerPoint  performance seeks to combine the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the War on Drugs, and the entire gamut of U.S./Mexico foreign relations. 

Apartment 210: Lindsey Spratt and Katie Geha pair sculptor Ben Brandt with painter Nathan Green. Brandt, interested in radio waves, material information, and the psychic gunk floating hrough our air, creates sprayed concrete sculptures that act as stand-ins for debris unearthed from deep below the sea. Green makes paintings with bright colors, expressive mark making, undulating patterns, and frenzied spaces, a type of highly intelligent child’s play. Together, the two artists  experiment with a haphazard aesthetic that both accepts and rejects the domestic space.

Apartment 309: Russell Etchen exhibits the Frederick R. Etchen Collection, a group of works by artists Gordon Carver, Tim Brown, Lane Hagood, Jenny Hart, Mark Flood,  Otis Ike, Eric Pearce, and Patrick Phipps. What unites these disparate artists is the commitment and friendship endemic to any personal art collection.